5 tips to preventing damage to your Quartz surface

The installation of a luxury Quartz surface can quickly become the pride and joy of any home, let alone the kitchen. Therefore it is important that it is treated well, and precautions are always taken in order to ensure the pristine nature of the surface is maintained.

1. Avoid large amounts of pressure being exerted upon the surface. Whilst the materials are strong, and durable… it is possible for the stone to eventually chip.

2. Protect the surface from knives. Despite being extremely resistant to scratches, they aren’t scratch proof. Thus, to prevent the potential for damage to the surface, the use of a chopping board is encouraged.

3. Use heat mats. Quartz surfaces are extremely resistant to heat. However much like the scratch resistant feature, heat does have the potential to eventually cause damage to the surface. The use of a heat mat, or even a trivet, reduces this threat.

4. Remove stains quickly. Stains are generally resisted by Quartz surfaces for at least a short while… yet the consistent wearing of a stain is not good for the surface. After all, wiping up a spillage is a simple matter of principle… keeping your kitchen worktop clean.

5. Clean regularly. As previously mentioned, it is a simple matter of keeping the worktop in an visibly pristine nature. It should be noted that the quartz surfaces should be cleaned with a non-bleach, non-abrasive liquid.