A Material Analysis – Caesarstone

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is a high quality, hard stone that can transform any area into a stylish, contemporary space. Although it is essentially an engineered material, it is actually made from 93% natural Quartz stone. It is a beautiful stone with visible man-made elements and with an attractive high shine finish.

What are the main uses of Caesarstone?

This popular stone is not only pleasing to the eye but it is also highly versatile. It has many uses in home interiors and can be used to update bathroom surfaces, replace kitchen worktops and can even be used in commercial buildings, such as hotels and bars.

Advantages of Caesarstone?

Surfaces made from Caesarstone have many benefits, they are practical, durable and hardwearing. They are a great alternative to natural stones. Due to its strength Caesarstone is very long lasting. A massive pulling force to Caesarstone is that surfaces made from this material require very little maintenance to keep them looking of a high quality and as good as the day they were installed.

These surfaces do not need any sealant unlike a lot of other options out there on the market so they can be enjoyed throughout the years with little or no maintenance. The easy upkeep of Caesarstone surfaces is a huge advantage and selling point to home-owners.

Not only is Caesarstone scratch resistant, but it is also heat and dent resistant, a highly important and appealing factor for people when it comes to updating their homes, especially new work surfaces. It has a hard, smooth textured surface making the cleaning of it easy and therefore a very enticing choice for families with busy homes.

Due to its man-made properties it is available in a wide variety of colours. This means it can easily be incorporated in to any kitchen or design, surely a winning factor in its own right.