A Material Analysis – Granite

What is Granite?

Granite is a natural material which is actually formed by cooling volcanic magma and is then adapted by man to create the beautiful, long-lasting, stylish countertops and breakfast bars we’ve come to love.


What are the main uses of Granite?

Due to its versatility and outstanding style, granite can be used for many different purposes. Granite is one of the most popular building materials and has been used for thousands of years both inside and outside of the home. It isn’t only restricted to residential use either, granite is a great option for commercial buildings as well as offices. You may be surprised to hear that the natural material is also commonly used to create sculptures as it is easy to manipulate and is tolerant to erosion and weathering.

As well as its obvious uses within the home, such as kitchen worktops, granite can also be used for oven back-splashes. Using the same material throughout creates an overall attractive and stylish design.

Granite is also used for bathroom vanity tops because it is resistant to water, and therefore can prevent mould. Its pristine shine and ease of cleaning also attracts homeowners to using this product in their bathrooms.

This material is so varied and can also be utilised within the living room as well. Granite can be used to create a beautiful, stunning mantle piece to sit proudly above your fireplace for all to see. It is a great option for a mantle piece because it is hardwearing and durable.



Advantages of Granite?

Granite has been used in kitchens for a number of years now. Not only are people attracted to its beauty but also its practicality. There are many advantages to using granite, whether it’s in your home or for your business. Not only is it a visually pleasing stone but it is also a very resistant material. Granite is scratch and crack resistant, making it perfect for use within a busy kitchen.

The natural stone is available in a wide range of colours, making it a highly sought after product as this means it can be used within a number of different designs and colour schemes.

A massive advantage of granite is that it is very easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t require any fancy gadgets or cleaning products, all you need is warm water and washing up liquid. Finally and maybe most importantly, it is said that by using granite in your home can actually add value to it when it comes to selling your property.