A Material Analysis – Okite

What is Okite?
The first thing you will notice about Okite is its simplicity and pure elegance. Okite is an engineered material made from 93% natural Quartz stone. It is made in Italy and certainly lives up to the beauty and high quality of Italian made products.

Advantages of Okite?
Okite has a number of attractive advantages to home-owners, its timeless appeal and Italian style makes it a very popular material and can be used in a number of different ways.

Okite is non-porous and therefore greatly decreases the possibility of bacteria growth. A non-porous surface does not allow air or liquid to pass through it, making it difficult for any bacteria to grow. This is one of the reasons it is so highly regarded when it comes to the design of spaces that are regularly used for food preparation.

Like Caesarstone, Okite does not need sealing or polishing making it very easy to maintain throughout the years. A huge selling point is the fact that Okite surfaces are extremely durable. It has heat, stain and scratch resistant properties, therefore sustaining from all the major risks that our surfaces are open to on a daily basis.

We like to think of ourselves as experts in our field and thanks to our highly experienced staff and readily available machinery we will gladly cut and shape your Okite surface with ease. This means it can consequently be finished and edged in a variety of different ways, ensuring it will be truly unique and personal to you and your home.

Okite comes in a wide range of colours, assuring that it can be suited and incorporated into many different styles and designs. It also maintains some characteristics of natural stone, making it a popular choice for people who desire the visual elements of a natural surface but with the added benefits Okite offers.

What can Okite be used for?
This versatile resin can be used to brighten and update rooms and areas in residential buildings such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet-rooms and floors. Its appealing properties don’t end there, it can also be used in commercial industries such as the hospitality sector as well as healthcare.