Our Product Equipment

There is a saying that a workman is only as good as his tools and that is just as correct when producing worktops, however the tools tend to be a little larger.

At Bespoke Surfaces, we are always keeping up with the latest technology to ensure our work is of the highest standard and we are probably one of the highest equipped companies in the worktop trade.

Wood CNC

The latest addition to our equipment here at our warehouse is our new Bisse Skill G FT Wood CNC router. This machine provides high speed of execution and maximum precision of the finished product.

Bisse Skill Wood CNC

Laser Template

Once you have chosen your particular surface then the most important part of the process is getting the sizes, shapes and cut outs worked out before your top can be manufactured. This was initially done by physically cutting a board template on location but we have recently invested in a state of the art 2D3D Laser Templator. This allows us to create a 2 dimensional plan of your worktops that then seamlessly interfaces with our CNC machines and streamlines the production process ensuring you get a perfect fit.

Laser templator

Cutting Stone to size

Whether the material is Quartz, Marble or Granite these come in large slabs and the first process is to cut them into sections, which is done on a specialised saw which is water-cooled.

We use a Prussiani Champion 60 Automatic CNC Bridge Saw that is one of the most advanced technologies from this leading Italian Manufacture.

Taking its data directly from the 2D template created by the laser is cuts the slab down and even moves the sections about on the cutting bed to ensure the minimum level of waste and to keep the amount of material costs as low as possible.

laser templator

Cutting Stone to shape and cuts outs

The next process is to cut any shapes in the material and any cut outs for sinks, hobs in the worktop, also if a particular edge detail is required.

For this process we use a Prussiani Golden Plus CNC Working Centre.
Using the data directly from the Laser Template this machine will shape the cut out for a sink and polish the inner edges and cut drain grooves directly into the top.

We also use this machine to cut vanity tops, tables, shaped centre islands and can even engrave a name or pattern into the surface.

Graphic of laser templator

Edge Polishing

One of the most popular edge profiles used today is the chamfered finish on the top and bottom of the worktop edge and for this we use a Marmo Meccanica machine. This gives a polished edge on your worktops and upstands.

Edge Polisher (2)

Hi-Macs and Corian

The cutting and shaping of these products use more traditional wood working machinery. So apart from the more conventional panel saws and routers we also use an advanced CNC machine to cut and shape panels to give seamless joints and cut out sinks etc. This machine also receives its data directly from the laser template.

It is our intention to upgrade this in the future with a machine that can actually allow us to do 3-dimension cutting and shaping.

Laser templator in action