How a luxury bathroom or wetroom adds value to your home

With the unpredictability of the housing market a lot of people are deciding to hold off on moving; and make home improvements in the meantime. The housing market is extremely competitive and you need to take measures to ensure your house stands out from the rest when the time comes and you want to move on.

By updating and making your bathroom more desirable you are also making your house an even more lucrative property. The addition of a stylish vanity unit or a luxury stone clad bath tub are all highly appealing features to potential buyers. You can create a beautiful, simple canvas that prospective buyers could easily imagine living in. After all, a bathroom is a very personal space and somewhere people want to feel relaxed and unwind in after a busy day.

The need for a second bathroom is also becoming increasingly important to families and couples alike when looking to buy. It has become an attractive and required factor that ranks highly on their list of priorities and therefore adding another bathroom could be a guaranteed way to increase the value of your home. In the modern world it is not seen as just a luxury, but as more of a much needed necessity.

The installation of a wetroom could be a realistic way to add that valued bathroom to your house. They can be installed in a large house as well as making the most of a small or unusual space that would otherwise be wasted. A wetroom is a water-tight room that incorporates all your bathroom needs in one waterproof place.

Wetrooms are essentially made from one solid surface material, so not only are they easily cleaned but they also have a very modern, clean cut and stylish appearance. We can offer all the tools you need to create your dream wetroom and have many natural or engineered surfaces that would create the perfect backdrop.

Due to their ease and open plan design, wetrooms are also disability friendly so by adding one into your home you are ensuring you don’t eliminate or alienate any possible buyers.