How a luxury kitchen adds value to your home

We are constantly hearing different and conflicting opinions on what is happening with the housing market at the moment. Frustratingly, there are many things that affect the housing market that are out of your control such as levels of unemployment, the availability of mortgages and your income. Subsequently, there are also aspects of the housing market that you can manipulate.

We are always hearing about fast ways in which to make your house more appealing to potential buyers but in reality ‘quick fixes’ aren’t always the best and most cost effective way. Like they say, you need to spend money to make money.’

One way to ensure your house has the best possible chances in this competitive field is to modernise and redecorate. We are not just talking about filling in those many picture hook holes or a quick splash of paint here and there. Concentrate on the most important areas of the house, the hub of activity that sees the most action. You may of guessed it already, we are of course talking about the kitchen.

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and the importance of a quality, well designed and highly functional kitchen is a huge selling factor for people that are looking to buy. The kitchen isn’t just used for cooking nowadays, we entertain in it, we have family meals in it, some of us even watch television in it.

It is all about making the best of the space you have, whether that is putting in a beautiful natural stone Granite breakfast island in or installing a highly practical, stain resistant Corian sink. All these are features that can be expertly made here to ensure they fit perfectly into your space.

At Bespoke Surfaces we can offer a wide variety of natural and engineered surfaces that would be the ideal starting point for any luxury kitchen. Popular options for kitchen worktops are Silestone and Okite due to their simplistic beauty and beneficial antibacterial properties.

The kitchen is one of the most diverse and used rooms in a busy household, especially for families. Investing in a stylish, efficient kitchen will add to the overall value of your house because it is a vital part of a happy, working home.