Interior Design for the ‘Heart of the Home’

Now Christmas is over, thoughts for many have turned to home improvements. A recent study by Estate Agents, Hamptons International, has shown that when purchasing a home, the kitchen is the room which sways the decision. Whether you decide to redesign your kitchen as a way of increasing your houses value, or to enjoy yourself, the New Year is the perfect time to redesign.

In the past, kitchens were considered to be useful purely for cooking, in fact years ago some homes hired chefs which meant it wasn’t necessary to go into the kitchen. However, fast forward to 2014, where the kitchen is the pride of the home. Contemporary and well designed kitchens are considered to be a necessity, particularly around Christmas time. Not only this, but it’s believed a ‘state of the art’ kitchen can add up to eight percent onto a houses value.

The changing nature of the kitchen has meant that usage are changed as well. Gone are the days when the host would enjoy socialising whilst others cooked the dinner, instead the party is often in the kitchen. In fact, most estate agents describe the the kitchen as a ‘breakfast dining’ area which shows its rebirth.

According to research, the average family now spends more waking hours in the kitchen than any other part of the home, including the living room. This may sound excessive, but consider all the time you spend in the kitchen cooking dinner, making tea and if you dine in the kitchen as well then this is even longer. With this in mind, it’s perhaps no surprise that we now choose to spend more money decorating our kitchen than any other room in the home. Many modern kitchens will include televisions and dining areas along with usual kitchen features such as the fridge and oven. Materials are also carefully chosen depending on the use of the kitchen and the overall design of the home.

The physical size of the kitchen has also increased to meet the demand. A century ago, the average kitchen was around 65sq ft, this has since doubled to an average of 121sq ft. The first increase in size was seen in the 1930’s, allowing for more room for a bigger family. The real change came in the 1980’s when the kitchen started to become a feature room rather than simply a place to cook. This growth has continued over the years, and kitchens have gradually become bigger and more grand than ever.

Have you had your kitchen redesigned? When moving home, does the size and style of the kitchen play an important part in your decision?