Making the most of the space available in your kitchen

In recent years, kitchen design and the use of kitchens has changed dramatically and they are now just as much a social area as the lounge or dining room. A lot of people now opt for a more open plan design, incorporating their kitchen and dining room into one space. By having an open plan kitchen area, you are ensuring you are making the most out of the space you have. This is something to definitely think about when it comes to designing your new kitchen. However, today we are looking at how you can maximise the space you already have available.

We’ve all watched property programs on television and a very common comment from house hunters is “the kitchen is a bit small for us”, however there are easy tips and tricks to make the most of the space you have.

Firstly, use natural light to your advantage and emphasize your windows. If you have blinds, maybe try a lighter colour so it reflects the light. If your window sill is cluttered and busy, try moving some stuff off it to ensure as much light as possible is coming through. Also, the addition of plants, such as chilli plants and herbs which thrive in the sunlight can really brighten up the look of a window sill.

Moveable islands are excellent for adding extra counter space when needed and can easily be moved out when not needed in the event of a party.

Use your walls not just your cupboards. There are plenty of storage alternatives available such as magnetic knife rails or rails to hang your mugs from. Adding these sort of practical products to your kitchen not only frees up cupboard space but it also frees up counter space too.

Don’t waste a foot of space by not using the whole height of the wall. Another simple way to clear up cupboards and drawers is by using the tops of units as a storage space too. This is perfect for those special pots and pans that only get used every so often.

We hope you’ve found these tips for making the most out of the kitchen space useful. If you think we’ve missed something please get in touch and tweet us here