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The chart below is designed to help you explore the various options in choosing a worktop.

Ask yourself a number of questions. What colour are you looking for?

Do you prefer a regular or random pattern, high gloss finish, mid sheen finish, matt finish, or a sparkle effect? Do you want the worktop to have a one piece appearance? Do you require horizontal, vertical fixing or upstands? What thickness of worktop do you prefer? Which one is the easiest to maintain? What type of sink and draining board will go with your overall design? And how do the costs fit within your budget?

Choosing a worktop

When it comes to choosing a worktop to complete your kitchen, you may think you have already made up your mind on the surface you would like. But there are other products that may be more suitable for your design. Like Corian, Hi-Macs, Silestone, Okite, Granite, Cimstone or Caesarstone. Each one is slightly different. One may have the right choice of colours, another may be more suitable for where you intend to use it, or just simply works within your budget.

You might want to be more individual mixing and matching various materials to achieve your ultimate design. The choice is yours.

Colours400 plus30 plus50 plus80 plus80 plus25 plus30 plus
Regular patternNYYYYYY
Random patternYNNNNNN
High gloss finishYYNNNYY
Mid sheen finishNNYNNNN
Matt finishYNNYYNN
Sparkle effectYNYNNYY
One piece appearanceNNNYYNN
Horizontal fixingYYYYYYY
Vertical fixingYYYYYYY
Thickness of surface material3cm3cm3cm38mm38mm3cm3cm
Available worktop thickness3cm3cm3cm38mm38mm3cm3cm
Upstand thickness2cm2cm2cm2cm2cm2cm2cm
Maximum single sheet lengthvaries3.063.043.6583.683.053.06
Maximum single sheet widthvaries1.41.380.760.761.41.44
Seamless jointsNNNYYNN
Scratch resistantNYYNNYY
Stain resistanNYYYYYY
Chip resistantNYYYYYY
Heat resistantNNNNNNN
Household chemical resistantNYYYYY
Easy to maintainYYYYYYY
Repair abilityNNNYYNN
Non Porous - will not absorb moistureNYYYYYY
Renewable surfaceNNNYYNN
Requires sealingYNNNNNN
Optional sealingYNNNNNN
Belfast sinksYYYYYYY
Undermounted sinksYYYYYYY
Moulded sinksNNNYYNN
Drainer groovesYYYYYYY
Pan restsYYYYYYY
Manufacturers Warranty010 years10 years10 years15 years10 years15 years