The be-all end-all Kitchen Feature

We’ve been thinking a lot recently about the different key features customers love to see in their kitchen designs. A kitchen is a different space to everybody, we all treat it differently and we all want different things from our kitchen. Below are some of our favourite features that we have seen in our kitchen designs recently…

Having a Kitchen Island is so important for some of our clients as it helps them to make the most of their large spaces. Islands come in all shapes and sizes and are also used for different reasons. We see islands being used as breakfast bars, which are ideal if you already have a large dining room but are equally as useful if you don’t have room for a kitchen table. Another common use for kitchen islands is as a dish-washing unit – they are a great place to hold a large sink and to store your dishwasher.

Over-sized Sinks are becoming more and more popular. It can really transform a traditional kitchen into something spectacular to look at – not to mention the practical benefits. Having an extra-large sink or even two sinks spaces can be invaluable if you and your family love to cook. It makes preparation and washing-up easier as you can use a sink for each task. If you are considering an over-sized or double sink, consider what type of taps you want to install – they are just as important when making a feature out of the sink area.

Ovens have also become somewhat of a key focus for kitchens as of late. You can opt for a classic Aga Cooker which will create a beautiful traditional feel to your kitchen or you could have a double oven built-in to your kitchen units for a more modern look. Either way, ovens are becoming a big deal in kitchen design – people are thinking ahead to their big family dinners and holidays when one oven is just not enough…

The most surprising theme we have seen recently is using the worktop surface as the key kitchen feature. You can make a dramatic statement with the right worktop. There is quite often a theme when customers go down this route – they opt for a very simplistic look for the entire kitchen, quite often white is the colour of choice and the worktop is made to be the real ‘wow’ factor of the room. Worktop surfaces are now available in many colour and many effects so it can really help put some personality into your kitchen.

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