The Latest Production Software for Designer Kitchens

Keeping up-to-date with the latest production software is important to us at Bespoke Surfaces, and we are always looking at new technologies to help us stay up-to-date.

We have recently invested in a new Automated Woodworking Software which allows us to be more precise with our drawings and provide our customers with stunning, life like renderings. This software also means you can visually see exactly what your new kitchen design is going to look at, the software is so precise that we will actually work from the drawings.

We are able to take advantage of thousands of textures meaning that you can see exactly what your design will look like before any material has even been cut! We are also able to accessorise the design using different room components such as small appliances, tables and other household items. Quite literally, your project can come to life.

It’s not only kitchens we can bring to life with this software but also bathrooms, wardrobes, office furniture and other storage systems. Have a look at some of the drawings we have created using this software.

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