Visit Our Updated Showroom

Since January we’ve been hand creating and updating our showroom in order to demonstrate the range of our skill and product selection, but also to inspire you when thinking about updating your own home. Whether its a kitchen worktop, a bathroom vanity top or even a windowsill, we can design and create it based exactly on what you need. We’ve also got a large range of products to ensure you have the best choice available including Granite, Quartz and Cimstone.

Below is a selection of images showcasing different areas of our showroom, but a photograph really doesn’t do it justice! We’d love for you to come and visit us in person so you can get a real feel for the designs, materials and colours we’ve been working with. Visit our Showroom page to find out where we are and opening times.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

bespoke showroom 1 bespoke showroom 2 bespoke showroom 3 bespoke showroom 4 bespoke showroom 5 bespoke showroom 6 bespoke showroom 7