Why is granite so commonly used in Designer Kitchens?

Granite has been used in designer kitchens for a number of years now, striking the perfect balance for homes between functionality and style. Due to its versatility and the various shades of colours available, it can be used in many different design schemes. It is also a very resistant material, making it perfect for use in the kitchen.

Granite in a kitchen offers a clear sophisticated look making it look very ‘polished’. As well as this, granite counter tops are very functional offering high resistance to ‘wear’ and ‘bacteria’. A reason for using it in designer kitchens is because it is so unique. No two pieces of granite stone are the same and it gives a texture and ‘richness’ that other stone cannot offer. This material can create an elegance which is only usually found in nature and its style can add character to any kitchen.

So where does granite come from and how is it formed? Granite is a natural material, an igneous rock to be exact which is formed by cooling volcanic magma and made of silica, quartz and feldspar. Magma is composed of different molten elements, and the different pressures and temperatures found deep in the earth is what hardens the material – making it the perfect material for kitchen surfaces. Being a natural stone, it doesn’t stain easily and the nature of the slabs prevents bacteria, mould and mildew from growing onto it.

Granite is considered to be one of the hardest stones in the world, it is highly resistant to scratching, in fact if you were to use a knife to cut an object on a granite surface, it is likely the knife would come out worse! Of course we would always recommend using a chopping board rather than risking damage to your knives or granite counter top! Cleaning a granite surface could not be easier. There’s no need for expensive cleaning products or abrasive cleaners, all you require is warm water a washing up liquid. In fact, the use of certain cleaning products can actually make the material appear duller.

When designing your kitchen, you want to choose a material which will be hard wearing and will make visitors envious of your home. You will also want to choose a material which makes your cleaning routine easier, which is something a granite surface can do.

Are you considering using granite in your kitchen? What would you consider to be the main benefits?